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In the world of design and lifestyle, FCML is a force to be reckoned with.  Known for their quintessentially European, luxurious design products catering to the most discerning customers, the brand has carved a niche for itself as a pioneer in the decor and lifestyle space. Headquartered in the country's capital city, FCML has a pan India presence. The brand has created a stronghold as a stellar lifestyle retailer for luxury bathroom designs, beautiful, eco-friendly, recycled tiles, a variety of high-end wood floors, modular kitchens & accessories, and a la mode and elegant home decor products of unparalleled quality.

FCML's Sultanpur store is the single largest space devoted to luxury interiors in India. At this location, the brand has created a visually stimulating environment where clients can experience their products, be educated about them at leisure and make inspired, informed choices.

Visit their store at Sultanpur, or buy from FCML's online store and learn more about FCML's offerings by visiting their website at

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  • X Cube Wine Storage

    Designed to hold a total of 12 bottles, this elegant and unique wine rack is perfect mounted on the wall or as a table top wine display unit.

    Available for Rs. 4,700, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 34 cm X (W) 24 cm X (L) 34 cm

  • Cuir Napkin rings - Set 0f 4

    These leather and stainless steel napkin rings bring a touch of contemporary modern style to your classic dining table setting.

    Available for Rs. 1,320, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 1.5 cm X (W) 4.5 cm X (L) 7.5 cm

    Materials: Leather & Stainless Steel

  • Savoy Champagne Flutes

    With their graceful silhouette and hand-painted rim, these mouthblown champagne flutes are perfect for adding understated glamour to any occasion. Gift-boxed in pairs.

    Available for Rs. 4,645, only at

  • Globe DOF Glasses - Set of 6

    These elegant clear glass tumblers from Krosno have a capacity of 300 ml, perfect for a cool drink on a summer evening.

    Available for Rs. 2,015, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 15 cm X (Dia) 8 cm

  • Bookworm Bookshelf

    Available in white or red, the versatile Bookworm from Kartell was designed by Ron Arad and makes an awesome storage unit for books or cds and because it can be flexed to whatever shape you prefer; making the possibilities endless! Each support can hold upto 10kg and it is recommended it to a solid wall.

    Available for Rs. 61,545, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 19 cm X (W) 20 cm X (L) 520 cm

    Weight: 9.8 kg

  • Aged Buddha Head

    Completed in a turquoise glazed finish, this ceramic buddha head is a decorative item for the home that adds an element of spirituality to your interior space or perfect for adding a finishing touch.

    Available for Rs. 1,070, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 28 cm X (Dia) 14 cm

    Materials: Terracotta

  • African Head - HeadAfrican

    This eye catching African head statue is a unique piece of art which will capture the attention of visitors, making it the perfect accent to your home decor.

    Available for Rs. 24,035, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 77 cm X (W) 20 cm X (L) 52 cm

    Materials: Wood and Poly-resin

  • Windlight Meridian

    Metal and glass candle lanterns are designed to protect your candle from drafts while illuminating your table tops. Perfect for wedding centerpieces, outdoor functions, outdoor lighting, patio lighting and and home decor.

    Available for Rs. 7,225, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 38 cm X (Dia) 35 cm

    Materials: Metal and Glass

  • Stellar Candle Holder

    This beautiful and simple wired tea light holder in a silver and gold combination finish can be used in doors as well as outdoors.

    Available for Rs. 6,290, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 63 cm X (Dia) 18 cm

    Material: Metal

  • Round & Round Candle Holder

    Elegant and minimalistic, this simple metal ring can hold upto 4 taper candles.

    Available for Rs. 2,775, only at

    Materials: Stainless Steel

  • Luscious Candle Pot

    Luscious candle pot with scented candle - available in red and black.

    Available for Rs. 690, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 8 cm X (Dia) 7 cm

    Materials: Wax and Glass

  • Diamond Embossed Tea Light Holder

    Diamond Embossed Tea Light Holder, available in various colours.

    Available for Rs. 645, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 9 cm X (Dia) 10 cm

    Materials: Aluminium

  • Spherelight

    Set of 4 spherelights with a cement tray. Very soothing and simple designed votive with tray will add a positive vibe to any sace. Add colourful pebbles with tealights to decorate this piece.

    Available for Rs. 3,105, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 15 cm X (W) 42 cm X (L) 14 cm

    Materials: Glass & Cement

  • Daffodil Tea Light / Candle Holder

    Ideal for gifting as well as for your home.

    Available for Rs. 1,825, only

    Dimensions: (H) 8 cm X (Dia) 13 cm

    Materials: Ceramic

  • Bird Cage - Bamboo

    Elegant bird cage in striking red. Available in round, square and conical topped shapes.

    Available for Rs. 4,705, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 39 cm X (Dia) 22 cm

    Materials: Bamboo

  • Tau Bowl

    Ideal for gifting or holding knickknacks, the Tau Bowl brings a sense of serenity and peace to the room.

    Available for Rs. 2,200, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 9 cm X (W) 10 cm X (L) 15 cm

    Materials: Glass

  • Ribbon Bowl

    This versatile glass bowl in a ribbon cut design can be used as a nut bowl, to display knickknacks or as a candleholder.

    Available for Rs. 790, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 9.5 cm X (Dia) 15 cm

    Materials: Glass

  • Standing Mirror - Modern

    Elegant full-length mirror in subtle design. Clean-lined forms and classical colouring. An unadorned and at the same time elegant mirror in an individual silver look. Available further sizes and versions.

    Available for Rs. 11,395, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 170 cm X (L) 40 cm

    Materials: Polyresin, MDF and Glass

  • Antique Clock Magazine

    Antique clock with surprising functionality - it accommodates magazines and brochures. A real treasure. Attractive and practical with 14 compartments. Material: painted iron, glass, clock mechanism.

    Available for Rs. 27,000, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 190 cm X (W) 36 cm X (L) 85 cm

    Materials: Iron and Glass

  • Habana Humidor

    Cigars are meant to mark special occasions like the birth of your first child, or to celebrate you bagging that corner office you have had your eye on for so long. Something this special deserves a special place to call home - and thats where the Habana Humidor comes in. Carefully crafted to house your cubans, this nifty leather and cedar wood combination from Philippi design will ensure your cigars remain as fresh as the day you bought them, ready to mark any occasion. The in-built digital function allows you monitor the temperature and humidity of your cigars all the times.

    Available for Rs. 15,430, only at

    Dimensions: 10in x 9.5in x 2.5in

  • Shipping Bar Trunk

    Made of MDF, ash veneer and metal, this funky and stylish bar on wheels ensures that you can throw a party anywhere in the house. This uber-cool mobile unit has numerous shelves; designed to stash, stack and store all your barware and spirits.

    Available for Rs. 142,830, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 146 cm X (W) 63.5 cm X (L) 60 cm

    Materials: MDF, Wood, Metal, Polyurethane & Ash Veneer

  • Wine Preserver

    The Smart Wine Preserver is the best way to keep that vintage fresh, days after you have uncorked it. This automated miracle worker detects the amount of air inside the bottle, vacuum pumping it to remove any air and sealing it to save your wine from oxidation. 

    Available for Rs. 5,940, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 11 cm X (Dia) 5 cm

  • Viking Whiskey Glasses - Set of 6

    The Viking collection has trendy colors and shapes. It will appeal to all ages and style preferences. This whisky glass is made in Belgium with high quality glass and a durable base.

    Available for Rs. 1,585, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 10 cm X (Dia) 8 cm

  • Barrel DOF glasses - set of 6

    Drink with your eyes. This is the motto of the glass factory Durobor, which offers a very large range of beer glasses, wine glasses, cocktail glasses, whisky glasses, milk-shake glasses and too much more to be listed here. The Barrel collection, designed by Durobor presents glasses combining sturdiness, elegance and conviviality.

  • Antique Bronze Hurricane

    This iron hurricane candle holder adds character and depth to any room, creating dancing shadows and light patterns due to its unique construction. The hurricane holds pillar candles upto 8 inch tall, and is finished in a gorgeous rich antique bronze.

    Available for Rs. 2,500, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 22 cm X (W) 21 cm X (L) 21 cm

    Materials: Iron

  • Hurricane Pillar Candle Holder

    Holds pillar candles upto 6 inch tall. Iron in a deep matt brown powdercoated finish.

    Available for Rs. 1,190, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 20 cm X (Dia) 15.5 cm

    Materials: Iron

  • Heartwood Lantern

    Twigs of metal interwoven to resemble a handheld rattan lantern, this exquisite candle holder blends rustic charm with contemporary functionality.

    Available for Rs. 2,450, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 22 cm X (Dia) 19 cm

    Materials: Iron and Glass 

  • Red Lantern

    These hand-made lanterns are woven from rattan in the traditional style, with a carved handle and a glass hurricane candle holder. Each piece is unique, and may vary from the image slightly.

    Available for Rs. 5,475, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 51 cm X (Dia) 32 cm

    Materials: Rattan wood

  • Windlight For Burning Paste Or Candle

    Give your home an ultra-modern look with this tealight holder, perfect for burning a candle or incense paste.

    Available for Rs. 6,695, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 21 cm X (Dia) 37 cm

    Materials: Cement

  • Tripod Candleholder

    This solid candleholder is constructed from Aluminium and Wood.

    Available for Rs. 12, 835, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 44 cm X (Dia) 35 cm

  • Vanna Candle Holder

    Beautiful candle holder /bowl, perfect for gifting.

    Available for Rs. 6,275, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 14 cm X (Dia) 29 cm

    Materials: Wood

  • Cancon Candle Holder

    A minimal concrete base candle holder with a glass tumbler to protect the candle flame making it equally practical for indoor or outdoor use. Tiny white pebbles add to the rustic look and are an inherent part of the concrete casting.

    Available for Rs. 1,100, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 15 cm X (W) 12 cm X (L) 12 cm

    Material: Concrete and Glass

  • Stem Tealight Holder

    Elegant as a rose, this lomg stemmed clear tealight holder will bring a touch of elegance to any surface it graces.

    Available for Rs. 2,385, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 40 cm X (Dia) 10 cm

    Material: Glass

  • Antique Zinc Tealight Holder

    Antique Zinc Tealight Holder. Holds sixteen tealights.

    Available for Rs. 2,165, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 5 cm X (W) 33 cm X (L) 33 cm

    Materials: Iron

  • Spherelight Bowls

    Display as is, with tealights or filled with potpourri, this elegant and rustic bowl is a must have accessory which goes with pretty much everything.

    Available for Rs. 255, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 5 cm X (Dia) 8 cm

    Materials: Metal

  • Skull Telephone - White

    A dead ringer for style, this realistic skull telephone lets your unleash your dark side.

    Available for Rs. 5,225, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 12 cm X (W) 20 cm X (L) 13 cm

    Materials: Plastic

  • Chrome Crushed Platter

    This is a chrome finished platter, ideal as a center piece with a diameter of 12.9 inch. Always clean using a dry cloth.

    Available for Rs. 3,520, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 3 cm X (Dia) 39 cm

    Materials: Nickle plated metal

  • Round Tray - Matte Black

    Aluminium tray, powdercoated and distressed to a beautiful matte black finish.

    Available for Rs. 2,875, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 2 cm X (Dia) 40 cm

    Materials: Aluminium

  • Bubble Bowl

    The Bubble Bowl is great for party decorations and centerpieces. These are simple yet elegant. Create the perfect atmosphere with these Bubble Bowls.

    Available for Rs. 250, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 8 cm X (Dia) 10 cm

    Materials: Glass

  • Sakura Graphic Jar

    Understated yet stylish, this piece of decor can be displayed individually or coordinated with other pieces with contrasting patterns. Ideal for your home or as a gift.

    Available for Rs. 6,665, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 13 cm X (Dia) 25 cm

    Materials: Ceramic

  • Mariko Pattern Box

    Understated and stylish, this piece of decor can be displayed individually or alongside contrasting patterns. Ideal for your home or gifting.

    Available for Rs. 7,040, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 34 cm X (Dia) 15 cm

    Material: Ceramic

  • Starburst Mirror

    Vibrant like a supernova, this mirror is finished in a neutral tone ensuring it is the perfect accent to your living space.

    Use a soft damp cloth and dry with cotton or chamois drying cloth. Do not use chemical cleaning products.

    Available for Rs. 25, 050, only at

    Dimensions: 107 cm (diameter)

  • Round Hammered Mirror - Silver

    Round Hammered Effect Antique Silver Finish.

    Available for Rs. 16,050, only at

  • One More Bar Stool Black

    If you want to sip a drink at the bar in peace and quiet, you need a comfortable tall stool with a back to lean against. Sometimes one drink is not enough: and you need "One more" and sometimes "One more please". This bar stool from Philippe Starck gives you the right seating to do just that.

    The "Ghost" family, one of the absolute Kartell icons, multiplies its ranks with stools of different heights - bar or counter height - with backs, either oval or square, but always flexible, practical, colored and sturdy.

    Available for Rs. 31,590, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 100 cm X (W) 46 cm X (L) 38 cm

    Materials: Polyurethane

  • Kartell Flip Trolley - Red

    Flip successfully combines plastic trays and a metal frame to create a trolley or side table. This practical and versatile product folds away and occupies very little space making it easy to store.Flip can be used as a trolley, ideal for aperitifs and buffets, but also as a handy coffee table (the trays are independent).

    Available for Rs. 78,020, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 72 cm X (W) 42 cm X (L) 80 cm

    Materials: Acrylic and Steel

  • Front Page Magazine Rack

    Available in two colours - clear and red, the Front Page Magazine Rack from Kartell is inspired by a newspaper page being blown over, giving it a highly classic and contemporary feel. Stylish and completely on trend, this magazine rack will look fantastic when gracing any home or office setting, and is perfect for storing a variety of magazine sizes.

    Available for Rs. 21,105, only at

    Dimensions: (H) 34 cm X (W) 35 cm X (L) 50 cm

    Materials: Acrylic


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