Homing in on Style

At the risk of sounding like my grandmother who perpetually and petulantly reminded us that she remembered a time when one litre of milk could be bought for 25 paise, I will say this: I remember a time when Mehrauli-Gurgaon (MG) Road was lined by greenery on both sides, broken by a couple of farmhouse gates. I also recollect that 1 MG Road was, about 10 years ago, the hottest place to hang out in Delhi. Any designer worth her salt had an outlet there. Then, one day, the government decided it was an illegal structure and broke it down. All was quiet on this road again barring the few shops that we’ve always seen there. Until three or four years ago.

Driving down to Gurgaon, I began to notice activity on MG road again. Soon, familiar labels and names began to show up at showrooms' entrances accompanied by enticing window displays. I resisted the urge to stop and explore until I needed to redo my living room. And was completely blown away by the sheer range and uniqueness of ideas and designs to dress up my home.

If you're looking for high-end furniture to make a style statement with your home, you could check out any of the following stores: FCML, Beyond Design, Sarita Handa, CellarDoor Homes, KREA, Etreluxe, Stanley Boutique, Living Spaces and House of Raro. Especially beautiful and exciting are the exclusive accent pieces which can add that touch of glamour to your house. There is also a veritable treasure trove of furnishings available in themes and designs I've never seen before. The cushions, beautifully hand crafted and finished, in colours vibrant or subdued to go with every mood, really caught my eye. These stores also offer unusual and one-of-their-kind décor pieces that seem just made for that corner in your living room that you'd been thinking about. Also on show is a select range of lights and lighting solutions at Artlite Illumination, Etreluxe, FCML or LightBox.

If carpets and rugs are what you fancy and collect, you could look in at The Carpet Cellar, Baaroq Designs/Baaroq 360, Sarita Handa, or Floor Art. You can choose just the right one from an overwhelming range -- antique, contemporary, Kashmiri, tribal, Persian, Agra jail. Floral, geometric, silk, wool; you name and its there. Floor covering at FCML are also an option. Moving from floor art to wall art, you'll be spoilt for choice. Starting with wall covering to art to wall décor to accent pieces, there are stylish objects available that you’d never have guessed were available in Delhi. Some showrooms such as Giorgetti Design Studio only focus on this aspect of your home.

The INDI Store also deals in only one area: the kitchen. But kitchen ware and complete solutions are available in several stores, especially FCML which also specialises in the dining and entertainment segment with glassware, dinnerware, cutlery, accessories, and more. There is also no dearth of options in the bed and bath category with some of the most luxurious Jacuzzis and bathtubs available.

Having carried out this recce, I know that I will return – armed with a lot more time and a lot more money. My grandmother would have disapproved. But then she belonged to another time and another place.